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There is some confusion about what Case Management software is all about because it covers so many different areas of a practice. There are six main areas that a litigation management software can cover: database, document composition, contact management, time tracking, calendar, and of course time and billing. Each of these elements may be considered as a stand-alone case management software or in combination with one or more of the other systems.

One of the many things that can surprise many people is the number of companies that still do not use case management systems. This is especially true for smaller companies from those with only a few partners to those with perhaps 30 lawyers. It seems that the legal industry still has a lot of catching up to do compared to other businesses. Many practices do not seem to be familiar with all the benefits of a case management software, and perhaps that is why so many companies still do not.

A case management software can initially organize all your client files. You can enter the case description, contact details of parties and attendees, case-related task lists, case notes, deadlines, and more. Usually, you have all this information anyway, but a case management software keeps everything in one place for you and makes it very easy to access.

In particular, case management systems can manage deadlines. One of the biggest headaches in a lawsuit is managing deadlines and software helps to manage deadlines so that you never miss an important date. You can enter the deadlines for your case, and the software will automatically add them to your calendar and also trigger reminders when an appointment is approaching.

Case management systems also coordinate communication. If you’ve spent a few minutes looking through old emails to find an address, you’ll be sure how much time you save by simply logging into the file and getting everything you need with a click of the mouse.

When it’s time to organize a case, you currently have all sorts of information that needs to be brought together from different locations. With a case management software everything is in one place for you, everything clearly arranged and saves you a lot of time.

Time and billing

Time and billing are another very important area. Most of the available software is capable of converting a calendar event into a billable time with a few clicks. You no longer have to write down your billable time on paper and then have it entered into a billing software at the end of the month. It’s just another example of time savings that will enable you and your employees to complete more important tasks.

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