Starting a small construction business


For anyone looking into starting a construction business you will know that there is a lot of thought that needs to go into the process to ensure that you offer the right service and attract the right clients in your area. Many people have tried to offer construction services and found that they struggled to get established in an industry, so you need to make sure you have a good strategy in place.

Whether you’re offering mini digger hire in Cheshire, or you’re providing construction work in another area of the North West, you’ll want to know your target clients and pricing levels and all the other elements that go into ensuring that you offer the best service in your industry. Some of the key elements to consider, as mentioned above, include:


Being aware of the going rates in your industry is vital for anyone who wants to position themselves as an attractive service to work with. If you charge drastically more than other companies then nobody will purchase products and/or services than you, while if you charge a lot less than your competitors then people may wonder if there is some sort of catch, as well as you being likely to miss out on potential profit by charging too cheaply.

So, look around at a few businesses who are doing well, see what they are charging in the area in which your business is looking to provide a service and/or items and then choose competitive price points so that people take your company seriously but also find your prices attractive.

Client Base

To connect with an audience properly, you first need to have a clear idea on who your audience are. The people that you are looking to target as your customers can vary across a wide range of factors, based on elements such as age, job status, gender, location and many others. If you are offering a service such as mini digger hire in Cheshire, then you will probably be wanting to target customers who live relatively close to Chester, ideally those who have the means to hire such a piece of equipment.

There are various ways to target new customers, with traditional means such as direct mail through leafleting being effective to an extent, but an increasing amount of client targeting is happening online through paid advertising like PPC, social advertising across various platforms, as well as general SEO for search terms you want to target related to your business.

These are just a couple of things to think about when it comes to starting your business and giving it the best possible beginnings. There are obviously countless other factors, such as finding premises, hiring staff, sourcing suppliers and all manner of other business tasks. We hope that your business is a real success!

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